A number of home improvement projects can actually lower the value of a home by turning off potential buyers, according to an interesting article published by Yahoo! Finance that Hazleton Attorney Chris Slusser wanted to share.

The following projects might make you happy if you’re staying in your home for a while, but they can be a bad idea if you’re planning to sell soon, according to the article:

Converting a bedroom. Most buyers would much rather see a four-bedroom house than a three-bedroom house with a home gym. And if you do convert a bedroom, make it easy to turn it back into a bedroom – and never remove a closet.

Swimming pools. Not everyone loves a swimming pool. Many buyers see them as a big maintenance expense, a danger to small children, or a potential lawsuit.

Elaborate landscaping. You certainly want your landscaping to look nice, but extremely elaborate plantings, pools and waterfalls can make buyers think they’ll have to spend a fortune on maintenance.

Colored trim and textured walls. Buyers know they can repaint walls, but trim is very hard to repaint, and textured surfaces are very hard to remove.

Hot tubs. Many people are squeamish about the idea of using someone else’s hot tub. And a built-in tub can be hard to relocate.

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