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In the turbulent world of modern real estate, it’s more important than ever to have solid legal advice before buying or selling property.

The skilled real estate attorneys at the Slusser Law Firm in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, can ensure that your interests and rights are protected.

Whether you’re buying or selling land, buying or selling a home or office, developing a commercial/retail site, or renting property, you need to make sure you’re not exposed to expensive litigation and financial loss.

The northeastern Pennsylvania real estate lawyers at the Slusser Law Firm can help protect you and your assets.

We thoroughly review contract terms, conditions and financial arrangements. 

For commercial and industrial clients, the real estate law experts at the Slusser Law Firm examine traffic and environmental reports. We are extremely familiar with the zoning and permitting process, so our attorneys will appear before the necessary boards and help file the critical paperwork to assist you in obtaining permits.

Hazleton real estate attorneys at the Slusser Law Firm will help you navigate the complex world of title searches, easements, rights of way, subdividing and appeals.

Slusser Law is also an approved Title Insurance Agent


Do I Really Need an Attorney for a Real Estate Transaction?

There are many reasons to retain an attorney from the Slusser Law Firm during a real estate transaction. A qualified attorney can protect you from costly mistakes that could lead to litigation or other expensive legal action. The assistance of an experienced attorney may also help keep your property out of probate court through the creation of a living trust, allowing your property to pass onto your intended heirs.

The Slusser Law Firm also represents and assists business entities in various commercial real estate issues in Luzerne County and beyond, such as purchases, sales, real estate investment opportunities, construction, development, farms, leases, landlord/tenant issues, land use, zoning, eminent domain, and financial issues such as financing, refinancing, mortgages and foreclosures.


Won’t My Real Estate Agent Handle This?

The majority of real estate agents are versed in the ins and outs of real estate transactions, but most of them are not attorneys. They may not be aware of all of the potential legal issues possible from the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction.

That’s why the Slusser Law Firm strongly recommends that anyone involved in a real estate transaction contact an attorney as soon as possible.

When the Hazleton real estate lawyers at the Slusser Law Firm represent you, know that we will protect your best interests. We will ensure that you are protected from liability. And we will provide you with sound legal advice to help you reach a fair, equitable agreement.

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